Good Tales For Bad Dreams

Welcome to Good Tales For Bad Dreams, my collection of re-imagined fairy tales.

They will challenge what you think you know about Cinderella, Pocahontas,  Hansel & Gretel, Red Riding Hood and Snow White and redefine these beloved characters like never before. Each tale will be set in a different time, a different place and a different genre.

So I invite you to strip bare your assumptions and take a long hard look at the women behind the myths.

Good Tales For Bad Dreams Vol. I includes:

1. Cinders

2. Hontas

3. Gr3t3l-1

4. Redeye

5. Wraithuponzell

The newsletter offers some pretty sweet stuff for fans including: Exclusive Snippets of Upcoming Tales – See It First!;  Beats For Bad Dreams – Custom “Hontas”  Playlist on Youtube for the Music Behind the Tale;  Behind The Bad Dreams – Learn What Inspired “Hontas”  and Fan Cast – My Chosen Actors for the Tale, Who Would You Cast?


The first of the short-fiction series: Good Tales for Bad Dreams.

What if Cinderella was hired to assassinate the prince?

Please note: for mature readers only (ages 17 and up)

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This is the story of Anastasia, a sister of the Black House, and a wicked stepsister to the girl who would be Cinderella.

“Anastasia” is set within the “Good Tales for Bad Dreams” universe and is a side job to “Cinders”.

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“Hontas”is now live in Amazon:


The following is a sample from the tale “Hontas”:


His rotund face was illuminated by torchlight, which made the buttery sweat on his pale skin shine.

The rocks cracked together again.

The lantern flew from his hand, sailed through the air and finally smashed, spilling its fire.

She hit it again, harder this time.

He unsheathed his thick knife, which shone silver in the moonlight.

Sparks caught hold of the tinder. The edges of the wood strips began to glow as the fire slowly flickered to life.

Hontas sat back on the ground, stared into the fire and saw the knife come down…


Coming soon


It all began with Alan Moore’s “The Anatomy Lesson”.

When I was far too young to be reading such things, I picked up a small, dirty, plastic-wrapped comic digest from my local library. The first and featured story was a piece by Alan Moore which started with the line: “It’s raining in Washington tonight.”

It tells the story of a mad doctor who is awaiting the resurrection of a character whose name I won’t reveal here.

Suffice it to say, I was both horrified and intrigued. My young mind had never encountered such a dark and twisted tale, whose ending at the time shocked me. I remember being transfixed by the power of Alan Moore’s imagery and the depth of his narrative. That story still haunts me to this day.

I first picked up the pencil at age 6 to start creating a few stories of my own. Haven’t stopped since. My first trilogy was completed by age 16. Despite the urging of my Writer’s Craft professor, I never published it. At that time, I found the entire publication industry far more frightening than anything I had ever read.

I graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Degree in Psychology and Sociology and a minor in English which included extensive coursework on Short Story Writing, Novel Writing, Cinema Studies and Poetry.

It was my pleasure to attend the Ontario Writer’s Conference in May 2013.




Here Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions:

So where are you from?

Originally from South America.

Oh, so do you speak Spanish?

No Señor.

That’s disappointing. Where do you hail from now?

Toronto, Canada – where it hails on you.

And what do you do now, other than make failed attempts at humour?

I work in Web Solutions.

That seems terribly uninteresting. Can’t you fudge something up? You’re a writer aren’t you?

I’m a Pirate Captain of the dread-ship Lollipop?

Better.  So what influences you as a writer?

I’m supposed to say “Stephen King” right? He writes things doesn’t he? Oh, oh, I know – J.K. Rowling! Those are respected writers.

Are you just listing the most popular writers of all time because you think that’s what people want to hear?

No!  Yes?

Is this a joke? Am I being set up right now? Did Barry at the office put you up to this?

Will you pay me to admit it?

Um, no?

In that case, I’m going to say I quite enjoy the works of Alan Moore, Jamie Delano, Greg Rucka, Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis and Jim Butcher. I also draw a lot of influence from Eastern cinema, film directors such as Guillermo del Toro and James Cameron as well as the art of H.R. Giger and Moebius.

I see you have quite a collection of Asian cinema and every Godzilla film ever made.

What are you doing in my office?

Is this where you do all of your work?

Primarily yes. I built my own computer so I tend to spend a lot of time at my work station and this is where my writing gets done. Also, don’t touch that.

AH! OMG! That scared the Jesus out of me! 

Oh that’s my cat Beatrix. My wife named her after the main character in Kill Bill.  I think every writer needs a cat. Even better when your cat can write for you.

She can do that?

Yes. But she types in meows.



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